I'm trying to configure the root node of my TreeView in FXML:

<TreeView fx:id="treeView" prefHeight="-1.0" prefWidth="-1.0" VBox.vgrow="ALWAYS">
    <TreeItem expanded="false" value="Root" fx:id="rootItem" graphic="/icons/icon_folder.png" />

There is a property called graphic which takes a Node, and not a String as I have supplied above.

How do I give it a node in FXML that would represent the image stored in my resource at icons/icon_folder.png?

In Java, I can do the following:

final Node iconFolder = new ImageView(
        new Image(TreeArchiveSuite.class.getResourceAsStream("/icons/icon_folder.png"))

And then I can just set it on the root node:


However, I would like to be able to do this from FXML only.

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After finding this similar question about setting the graphic property for a Button control with FXML, I was able to accomplish my goal with the following FXML markup:

<TreeItem expanded="false" value="Root" fx:id="rootItem">
                <Image url="icons/icon_folder.png" />
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