As title, I just install Go package in my laptop. OS:Windows 7 Enterpreise SP1 (64bit) Install path: C:\go

I've set "Environment Variables":

Value = C:\GO;C:GO\bin

I made hello.go file and save it in C:\go

When I run "go run hello.go" in CMD in C:\, get error message as below:

go:cannot find cannot find GOROOT directory: C:\Go; C:\Go\bin
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    GOROOT should only be C:\Go. GOPATH should be your usual workspace (e.g. %HOME%\mycode\goprojects) – elithrar Feb 20 '14 at 5:55

The Golang article "How to Write Go Code" does mention:

The GOPATH environment variable specifies the location of your workspace. It is likely the only environment variable you'll need to set when developing Go code.
Note that this must not be the same path as your Go installation.

(and go installation is reference by GOROOT)

< To get started, create a workspace directory and set GOPATH accordingly.
Your workspace can be located wherever you like, but we'll use $HOME/go in this document.

mkdir %USERPROFILE%\go

For convenience, add the workspace's bin subdirectory to your PATH:

set PATH=%PATH%;%GOPATH%\bin

GOROOT should be set to d:/programs/go if you installed it there.
GOPATH should be set to d:/workspace/gopath if you want it there.
Also, d:\programs\go\bin should preferably be added to PATH.

It seems like Go only accepts slash (/) and not backslash (\). But of course, for PATH, it should be backslash (\).

Do not set GOROOT. Have a look at

  • very unhelpful answer. pls include some information specified in the link. FYI i am also facing the same probbblem and this link didn't help. if there is something in this link that can help but i missed, pls edit your answer and include that – It's a trap Jul 5 '17 at 17:08

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