I released an update for my App and it was approved. It was approve despite the fact that it included a serious localization bug where most users are getting the wrong language. Is there any way to quickly revert back to the previous version, suspend current downloads of the current version, or anything else that might help aid this issue?

I did read the following thread from a couple years ago: Can I revert to my previous version app in iTunes Connect?

I was hoping maybe there is a more painless solution to this now.

Btw, I did thoroughly test the version before it was added as a new version. So, I'm still not entirely sure what's wrong or how to fix it.


it is not possible to revert the app version. you should upload the previous version as new version again to fix this. one thing you can do is : "Expediting an App Review" please check the following link. https://developer.apple.com/appstore/contact/?topic=expedite thanks

  • is it still not possible to revert ? – Zakaria Braksa Dec 10 '15 at 17:09
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    yes you can not revert, but you can send another version with "Expediting an App Review" request. they will review in serious cases for sure – Imran Ahmed Dec 11 '15 at 15:08
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    @Zak: No, still can't revert: stackoverflow.com/a/37609730/3207014 – sasquatch Jun 5 '16 at 5:36
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    is it possible to download previous build ? – Shanthakumar Oct 25 '16 at 14:33
  • I was able to adjust a previous version archive. It was successfully accepted by iTunes. my answer is below. this saved having to recompile the program/package. – Derek Wade Jun 22 '18 at 18:26

Here's a snippet from iTunes Connect Help page :

Question: The new version of my app on the App Store has a bug. Can I use a previous version to replace it?

No. You cannot revert to a previous version on the App Store. You must submit a new version.

Source : iTunes Connect FAQ

Obviously the alternative would be to submit a new build but ask for expedited app review.

But that means that either your app is event-related or you have a critical bug that you need fixed as soon as possible.


I believe that you can prepare for problems by creating a fallback version with a higher version number and submitting it for approval with manual publishing. That should cause it to be quiescent in your store until you choose to fall back, and you publish it.

I am not certain whether you can then submit improved versions with a lower version number than your fallback version.


I had to do this recently. I was able to adjust a previous version archive. I started by copying and opening the archive copy, editing the info.plist files, adjusting the version and build numbers at the archive and app package levels. Then uploaded to iTunes, which recognized it as a new version.

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