Here I am try to reverse the string using below logic,

st = "This is Ok"
rst = list(st)
''.join(s for s in rst)

It is working fine, But when I try to following below logic i am getting an error,

st = "This is Ok"
''.join(s for s in list(st).reverse())

Here is an error,

----> 1 ''.join(s for s in list(st).reverse())

TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

Please any one explain the above process.


list.reverse is an inplace operation, so it will change the list and return None. You should be using reversed function, like this


I would personally recommend using slicing notation like this


For example,

rst = "cabbage"
print "".join(reversed(rst))   # egabbac
print rst[::-1]                # egabbac
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    +1 for reversed( ... ) function. That is exactly what I needed to reverse only one part of my "multi-dimensional array" – Christopher Rucinski May 13 '18 at 18:37
  • It should be pointed out that the slicing notation will slice the list and return a new list, whereas the reversed function returns an iterator. I would prefer opting for the iterator in most cases. – CervEd Jun 3 at 8:21

It fails because lst.reverse() reverses a list in place and returns None (and you cannot iterate over None). What you are looking for is (for example) reversed(lst) which creates a new list out of lst which is reversed.

Note that if you want to reverse a string then you can do that directly (without lists):

>>> st = "This is Ok"
>>> st[::-1]
"kO si sihT"

Have you tried the following?

"".join(s for s in reversed(st))

reversed returns a reverse iterator. Documentation is here


Have you try this?

[x for x in a[::-1]]

[x for x in reversed(a)]

Both works fine, but it's more efficient using [::-1]

min(timeit.repeat(lambda: [x for x in a[::-1]]))

Out[144]: 0.7925415520003298

min(timeit.repeat(lambda: [x for x in reversed(a)]))

Out[145]: 0.854458618996432

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