We are using ServiceStack 3 now on a production environment and I checked the new licensing features of ServiceStack 4 and this is what I've found:

10 Operations in ServiceStack (i.e. Request DTOs) 10 Tables in OrmLite 20 Different Types in JSON, JSV and CSV Serializers * 20 Different Types in Redis Client Typed APIs 6000 requests per hour with the Redis Client

I don't understand what is "20 Different Types in JSON, JSV and CSV Serializers". We currently have 3 services in the API and 3 request DTO's and not using the Redis Client so my question is can we update to the free version 4 without encountering any limitations?

Thank you

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It means if you try to serialize/deserialize more than 20 different types you will require a paid license. See the test in the source code here. In this case 20 different types are trying to be deserialized, causing a License Exception.

From you description, you should be well within the limit of the free license and not have to worry about hitting any limitations.

  • Bear in mind that if you would like the introductory pricing on paid license(s) you only have through today to get them and be grandfathered in source – bpruitt-goddard Feb 20 '14 at 20:10

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