I am getting the A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle /webapp/wcs/tools/servlet/ToolsLogon has not been defined.when starting the admin console in Websphere commerce. can any one give me some info wt to do


The issue occurs when the wrong URL is used to access the tools.

Resolving the problem

Use the correct URLs for the tools, which are as follows:

WebSphere Commerce Accelerator : https://www.domain.com/webapp/wcs/tools/servlet/ToolsLogon?XMLFile=common.mcLogon

Administration Console : https://www.domain.com/webapp/wcs/admin/servlet/ToolsLogon?XMLFile=adminconsole.AdminConsoleLogon

Organization Administration Console : https://www.domain.com/webapp/wcs/orgadmin/servlet/ToolsLogon?XMLFile=buyerconsole.BuyAdminConsoleLogon

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