I'm trying to write a binding to the Centaur ACL2-Bridge. So far, I can start the bridge with the following sequence:

  1. cd books
  2. sudo acl2
  3. acl2 !> (include-book centaur/bridge/acl2/top)
  4. acl2 !> (bridge::start "Users/Brian/Desktop/acl2server")

Having that now, sending a command over produces the error:

Bridge: bridge-worker-1: Uncaught error in worker thread: 
  Undefined function ACL2::HL-HSPACE-INIT called with arguments () .

Perhaps this is a compilation error, or a bug in the system, I'm not yet sure. acl2 --version yields Version 1.10-dev-r16020M-trunk (DarwinX8664)

Thanks for your help!


It turns out you have to run bridge in the ACL2(h) extension to get the expected behavior.

  • Thanks for posting this. It saved me quite a bit of time. – mculhane Feb 23 '14 at 0:06

Thanks -- I'm the author of the ACL2 bridge, and I did not realize that it had this bug until I saw your question and answer. It should be easy to fix this, and I'll do so in the development version.

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