I'm only able to SELECT on a table.

The table has a column called inty with a value of 0 or 1

I am currently selecting inty as:

SELECT inty AS InternetApproved FROM Table1

Is there a way to reformat the data within the SQL SELECT so that if the value is 0 make it No and if the value is 1 make it Yes for display purposes in the output SELECT results?

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Simple and easy way to achieve this is:

SELECT IF(inty = 1, 'YES', 'No') AS internetApproved FROM Table1
    WHEN inty = 0 then 'No'
    WHEN inty = 1 then 'Yes'
    ELSE 'Maybe'
AS InternetApproved
FROM Table1
select case when inty  = 0 then 'no' else 'yes' end as newcolname from table1;

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