I have fitted the Weibull, lognormal and Gamma distributions to my claim amount data using the fitdistr in R. I want to choose which one fits my sample data the best using the AIC in R. How do I proceed?

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  • Please include the code that you've tried so far. What is not working for you? In the event that you're completely unsure of how to proceed, Googling for R fitdistr AIC returned several promising results. – dg99 Feb 21 '14 at 19:32

You can use the AIC function:

x <- rlnorm(100) # random values from a log-normal distribution

# fit distributions
weibull <- fitdistr(x, "weibull")
lognormal <- fitdistr(x, "lognormal")
gamma <- fitdistr(x, "gamma")

# compare AICs
# [1] 300.9519
# [1] 287.0875
# [1] 297.1818

Not surprisingly, the log-normal fit has the lowest AIC. This is the best fit.

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