While trying to publish a .pdf file for .m MATLAB code, equations (written in latex) are not properly rendered in appropriate (smooth) font, instead fonts looks scattered.

I did try to fix the problem by decreasing the font-size of the editor but that didn't work.

For example: the MATLAB code is:

%% (a) From above plot there are no signs of convergence of $\rho$


% $x^2+e^{\pi i}$

then the .pdf file is not well written, in which equation's fonts are not smooth enough.

thanks for any suggestions.


I was having the same problem, with equation rendering quality being inadequate.

This is my procedure for fixing this in MATLAB R2013b.

1) In the MATLAB command prompt, enter:

    edit publish

This should pop up the editor for you to edit 'publish.m'. Beware, the file may be read only. Under Linux, I use an external editor as superuser to edit it.

2) Go to line 811. You should see this:

    temptext = text('Parent',tempaxes,'Position',[.5 .5], ...
    'HorizontalAlignment','center','FontSize',22, ...

Change the value of 'Fontsize' to something larger; I used 30.

3) Go to line 747. You should see this:


Change that to


where scale is the scale factor of your liking. Might have to play with it a bit until you get it right; I used 2.

4) Save the file. Also keep a backup of the original.

5) In the MATLAB command prompt, enter:

rehash toolboxcache

followed by:

clear functions

6) Run publish again.

This should do the job for the PDF. I haven't tried it for HTML, but it should also work. In case of HTMl, don't forget to delete the images created previously.

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    Great job ! it worked, I just tested. Just a small edit for MATLABR2013a users that line numbers that you defined above are: 780 and 717 respectively. Font size of 70 and scale of 2 worked for me. – kaka Oct 9 '14 at 2:18
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    Comment taken from a NAA of mmarshal This doesn't work in MATLAB 2015a. Changes to 'publish.m' are disregarded even after rehash toolboxcache and clear functions – bummi May 18 '15 at 13:41
  • For MATLAB 2015b, I needed to modify swapTexForImg(...newSize(2)/scale,newSize(1)/scale) to be swapTexForImg(..., round(newSize(2)/scale),round(newSize(1)/scale)). Also, you will need to remove (i.e., backup to another directory) publish.p (you can find this file with the Matlab command which publish) – Jeremy Kozdon Feb 2 '16 at 16:53
  • In MATLAB 2015b, you also need to edit a second call to swapTexForImg which checks for the cached images. The function call should be modified in exactly the same manner. – Jeremy Kozdon Feb 2 '16 at 18:46
  • Newer versions of MATLAB seem to use a pcode'd version of the publish.m file. So you need to also run the following after you have saved your edits to publish.m (taken from here): pcode publish.m – mrmashal Mar 16 '16 at 5:21

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