I have developed an iOS app and have my server (just a couple of php files and a database) set up on GoDaddy.com.

Unfortunately GoDaddy.com does not allow me to send a push notification from its server because it requires to use a specific port.

I have users' device token stored in my database, is there any service online that I can use to send push notification with the device token I have?


There are some very good industrial solutions for iOS push notifications service that use APNS:

  • PushApps - free for 1M notifications per month, and unlimited notifications for 19.99 per month, and you can import your users via the API or b sending the a csv file - here is the documentation
  • Urban Airship - free up to 1M notifications per month, afterwards you are charged per 1000 notifications
  • Parse - also free for the first 1M notifications
  • PushWoosh - free for 1M devices, premium plans are from 39 EURO

Diclaimer - I work in PushApps and also use their product in my applications for over a year now.


Netmera (www.netmera.com), which provides a RESTful API and a lot of free push alert and rich html push.

This tutorial page (http://cp.netmera.com/nm/admin/tutorial).

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