As seen in comment link a pitch by Talkin’s Robust Algorithm for Pitch Tracking in voicebox (function name is "fxrapt") is extracted.


However, I need to find pitch pulses in the LP error signal by detecting the maximum amplitude within each pitch period. For each pitch pulse, a Hamming window of two pitch periods long. if T(i-1), T(i), T(i+1) denote the locations of three successive pitch pulses. How can I design a analysis window for the pitch pulse at spans from T(i-1) to T(i+1), as illustrated in bellow link Figure ?

enter image description here

I am looking for MATLAB code for it. I will really appreciate, if anyone can help me. Thanks.



  • Apply the pitch track to find the period at each frame, not use overalp in your pitch track, you need do it synchronous and linearly.
  • At every time that you find the Period = P search the maximun absolute amplitude on the signal between the range 1 to P*2

these two steps can be done like this:

while ( (k+Step-1) <= Nsamples )

    frame = x(k:k+steps-1);


    [v, l] = max(abs(frame(1:P*2)));

   if count == 1

      marks(count) = l;


     marks(count) = l+k-1;

  count = count +1;


  • you now have all marks referring to your entire signal, then walk around the vector marks to aplly a Hamming window of two pitch periods long !

    for p=2:length(marks)-2
       test(last:next)=test(last:next) + x(last:next) .*  hamming(length(x(last:next)));


x = your signal

Nsamples = length(x)

k = begins with 1

Step = 256 or 512 or 1024 or 2048

  • Dear ederwander tnx for your great respond. However, when I have applied pitch tracking on frame it gives me zerro. I think it works for whole wave file. Do you have any code for pitch tracking at frame level? can I find pitch directly from lp errors? what is k,Step, Nsamples at the begining ? – Ali Bodaghi Feb 22 '14 at 13:33
  • Hi @Ali, you can find pitch in any periodic signal, search by auto correlation pitch tracks or build your own can work well! – ederwander Feb 22 '14 at 13:48

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