Is it possible to create a redis cluster with 2 nodes , one acting as a master and other one as slave.

I get the following error if I try with 2 nodes (one as master and other as slave)

>>> Creating cluster
Connecting to node OK
Connecting to node OK
*** ERROR: Invalid configuration for cluster creation.
*** Redis Cluster requires at least 3 master nodes.
*** This is not possible with 2 nodes and 1 replicas per node.
*** At least 6 nodes are required.
  • I'm not sure what you are asking. Redis Cluster is still in beta. Redis Replication has been there for years, and has had a huge update in 2.8.4 with various improvements. For 1 master and 1 slave you only need replication. Simply do a 'slave of' in the slave and you are set.
    – Tw Bert
    Feb 23, 2014 at 1:58
  • The best tutorial on Redis cluster setup: codeflex.co/configuring-redis-cluster-on-linux
    – ybonda
    Sep 21, 2016 at 16:47

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Yes. The requirement of at least 3 master nodes is set by the ruby script, but not a hard limit in cluster.

The first thing you need to do is send a cluster command with 16385 arguments like

cluster addslots 0 1 2 3 ... 16384

to the cluster. Since there is too many arguments to manually type them in a redis-cli, I suggest write a program to do that, in which you open a TCP socket connecting to the redis node, convert the previous command into a redis command string and write it to the socket.

The single node cluster will be online after few seconds you send the command. Then connect to the other node with redis-cli, type the following command to make it a slave

cluster replicate MASTER_ID

where MASTER_HOST:MASTER_PORT is the address of the previous node, and MASTER_ID is the ID of that node, which you could retrieve it via a cluster nodes command.

For convenience I've written a python tool for those kinds of redis cluster management, you could install it with

pip install redis-trib

For more detail please go to https://github.com/HunanTV/redis-trib.py/


Redis-Cluster is not a fit for your use case.

For your use case, you need to configure one server (the master), then configure a second server and add the "slaveof" directive - pointing it to the master. How you handle failover is up to your scenario but I would recommend the use of redis-sentinel.

For a more detailed walkthrough, see the Redis Replication page


Nope, it is not possible to create a redis cluster with 1 master node, as suggested here setting up a redis cluster requires atleast 3 master nodes.


'redis-trib.rb create' command requires at least 3 nodes.
this way can make 1 master, 1 slave redis cluster.

Using redis-trib

$ redis-server 5001/redis.conf
$ redis-trib.rb fix
so many messages ...

$ redis-server 5002/redis.conf
$ redis-trib.rb add-node --slave

>>> Adding node to cluster<br>
Connecting to node OK<br>
>>> Performing Cluster Check (using node<br>
M: 015bec64d631990b83ad63736d906cda257a762c<br>
   slots:0-16383 (16384 slots) master<br>
   0 additional replica(s)<br>
[OK] All nodes agree about slots configuration.<br>
>>> Check for open slots...<br>
>>> Check slots coverage...<br>
[OK] All 16384 slots covered.<br>
Automatically selected master<br>
Connecting to node OK<br>
>>> Send CLUSTER MEET to node to make it join the cluster.<br>
Waiting for the cluster to join.<br>
>>> Configure node as replica of<br>
[OK] New node added correctly.

Using cluster commands

$ redis-server 5001/redis.conf

Using Ruby : addslots
$ echo '(0..16383).each{|x| puts "cluster addslots "+x.to_s}' | ruby | redis-cli -c -p 5001 > /dev/null

$ redis-server 5002/redis.conf
$ redis-cli -c -p 5002> cluster meet 5001
OK> cluster replicate 7c38d2e5e76fc4857fe238e34b4096fc9c9f12a5 node-id of 5001

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