I came to have the main window of Winamp in modern skin just as a small badge (about 30px height) with no possibility to resize. Functionality fine - appearance broken.

Changing the skin restored the main window, but back to modern skin it was a one-line-menu again. Research in forums brought up nothing helpful for me, just messing around with the config files didn't help.


For me this was helpful:

  • open winamp
  • toggle main window ON if necessary ("Alt-W")
  • if necessary double-click to change from playbar to (what should be) normal window
  • right-click on the remaining bar
  • choose to see e.g. equalizer
  • bar breaks at the bottom and shows remains of misplaced equalizer
  • grab edges and resize

The new rectangle-information will be stored, winamp ist in normal shape again.

Hope that helps.

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