I 'v posted my question some days ago in the official arangodb website , but no lucks no people answer it . so i come to here . below is my question:

just want to know if use arangoDb as a php sessionHandler , how can i delete the session data that expired !

if use the mogodb or mysql to store the session data, we can use such statement to remove the expired data: db.session.remove( { expire: { $gt :} } ) or the sql : delete from tbl_session where expire<:expire

I just want to know how this can be implemented in arangodb . :)


We do not yet support modifying AQLs. So you need to execute a bit of code:

var q = db._query("FOR s in session filter s.expire < 1393231738788 return s");
while (q.hasNext()) {

mchacki's answer is correct till ArangoDB 2.2.

Since 2.2 we do have modified queries so the new query for our Database would look like this:

FOR s IN sessions
  FILTER s.expire < DATE_NOW()-86400000
  REMOVE s IN sessions

With this example one day old sessions would be deleted.

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