Early jdk8-ea javadocs like this indicate there was a java.util.stream.Streamable interface, which would appear to have the same relationship to a Stream as Iterable has to an Iterator.

Now it seems like we're stuck with Supplier<Stream>, which is certainly not the same.

What happened to Streamable ?

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It's been removed some time ago. The rationale for the removal was given by Brian Goetz:

Currently the only implementor is Collection, and all of the other stream-bearing methods are serving up specialized streams (chars(), codePoints(), lines(), etc) with a method name that is more suitable than "stream". So I think we should drop Streamable and leave the stream() / parallel() methods on Collection (or possibly move them up Iterable).

And also:

I'm starting to think that Streamable is not carrying its weight. I'd like to consider dropping Streamable, at which point the base-most implementation of parallel() is in Collection, and I'd also suggest we consider renaming that to parallelStream().

In this other post he adds:

if everything that is Iterable is effectively Streamable (because Iterable has a stream()) method, and everything Streamable is effectively Iterable (because you can turn a Spliterator into an Iterator), aren't they then the same abstraction?

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    Sadly, Iterable has no more stream method :| – raindev Aug 16 '16 at 10:56

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