Is there a way to check where the nodejs connection come from?

in javascript we do

if (window.location.host == "localhost")
    // Do whatever

however I have no idea how to do it in nodejs, I want to do ( then I'll only need to maintain 1 folder for the git repo )

if (window.location.host == "localhost"){
    // connect to localhost mongodb
    // connect to mongodb uri
var os = require('os');
var database_uri;

if(os.hostname().indexOf("local") > -1)
  database_uri = "mongodb://localhost/database";
  database_uri = "mongodb://remotehost/database";

//Connect to database
                   if(err) console.log(err); 
                   else console.log('success');});
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    If you change your hostname (give your computer a name), this doesn't work. – NetOperator Wibby Dec 10 '17 at 22:03

Check req.headers.host. If it is localhost or use your logic to do localhost stuff. http://nodejs.org/api/http.html#http_http_incomingmessage

req.headers.host also contains the port, which you might have to clip before checking.

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    That is rather dangerous, since anyone can spoof headers. – Domi May 27 '14 at 11:20

The best way to do this is by using:



I'm using the ip V4 in express like this:

let ipV4 = req.connection.remoteAddress.replace(/^.*:/, '');
if (ipV4 === '1') ipV4 = 'localhost';

ipV4 contains the proper value of the calling client, being === 'localhost' if it'S accessing the machine via that way.

You must understand that it works different like for a js script running in a browser, this is about a client connecting to the server via a network interface.

For your described use-case, i.e. accessing via 'localhost' this will do.

For other use-case you might need to do more than that, but local means it is using one of the interfaces from the machine, so you could check all of them for a match.

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