I have some tables, one of which is a table named Users where there are soft deleted rows.

I have code like:

$appointments = Appointment::with('user')->get();

$return = array();
foreach ($appointments as $key => $appointment) {
    $return[] = array(

Because the row with the user is deleted, I get an error on the line with:


because of course there is no match for this user.

I tried adding withTrashed() to the first line, both before and after with('user') but this didn't help.

How do I ensure that this query really does return all appointments with all users, even deleted ones?


I'm not 100% sure this works, as this method is meant for adding constraints to eager-loading, but you may want to try it:

$appointments = Appointment::with(array('user' => function($query) {

This should apply withTrashed() to the query that grabs the users as opposed to the query which grabs the appointments.

Oh and just to clarify, you can add withTrashed() to both queries:

$appointments = Appointment::with(array('user' => function($query) {

Edit: just thought of an easier method:

Add withTrashed() to the user() relationship (only do this if you want this to apply EVERY time you call this relationship):

public function user() {
  return $this->hasOne('User')->withTrashed();
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    For the last solution: I would create a separate method for it called something like trashedUser(), so you could still use the original one too. – totymedli Feb 24 '14 at 20:50
  • Found this through googling. Can confirm that at least the first method works brilliantly. Thank you. :) – Joel Hinz Apr 18 '14 at 15:13

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