I have an application with some external jars I created. With the new java policy I had to sign my application and all jars. I buyed a certificate and signed my jar application and all other jars. Then I got a error "missing permissions attribute in jar manifest". I added Permissions: all-permissions to the manifest of my jar (not the other external jars). And now I have the error Missing Application-Name manifest attribute for:... But I don't know what I have to put as application-name. Is that the name of my jar?

I tried to add to the manifest of all other jars "Permissions: all-permissions" but then my application doesn't work at all.

thanks for the answers

  • Application-Name is the name of your application. Did you sign all of your jars? – nachokk Feb 24 '14 at 19:28
  • yes I signed all jars. The problem is that I don't know what the name is of my application. I didn't write the application, I just got it from someone else. And now I have to do the maintenant on it. Where can I find the name of the program. Is that the name of the jar? – Bigjo Feb 24 '14 at 20:52

This is what helps me out: How do I fix "missing Codebase, Permissions, and Application-Name manifest attribute" in my JNLP app?

I just had to put THREE extra attributes in the manifest of ALL jars.

  • Read article and wanna ask: Could I just edit someone's jnlp file as end-user to prevent these popups? Also tried to edit /etc/icedtea-web/javaws.policy file (with codebase from jnlp) and include this file on javaws run to no avail. – Drey Apr 21 '17 at 12:50

I had this problem and I was also getting security warnings similar to this post

It was a quick fix by making sure then when exporting the jar file I had "Export Java source files and resources" ticked. Didn't even need to adjust the manifest file in the end.

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