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I'm trying to install IIS on windows 8 laptop. When i type [http://localhost] it gives me a blank page. I can ping localhost and and get replies and gmail developer tools give me a status of 200 OK. I have McAfee total protection installed and i disabled the firewall on it. I also disabled windows firewall. i just uninstalled Skype. I completely bypassed my router and connected straight from the modem. I restarted and nothing . Just want to get the default iis page up and running Nothing is working please assist.


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In case HTTP Redirects doesn't work, check to see that Static Content is enabled as well.

Both of these were not enabled on my new Windows 8.1 > IIS 8.5 ...

Both can be enabled here:

Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On/Off > IIS > WWW Services > Common HTTP Features

I enabled HTTP Redirects, still blank. Then I enabled Static Content and halleluah !


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