In my AngularJS project I'm trying to use the Restangular getList method but it's returning an error because the API response is not directly an array but an object containing an array.

  "body": [
    // array elements here
  "paging": null,
  "error": null

The Restangular error message is:

Error: Response for getList SHOULD be an array and not an object or something else

Is it possible to tell Restangular that the array it's looking for is inside the body property?


Yes, see the Restangular documentation. You can configure Restangular like so:

rc.setResponseExtractor(function(response, operation) {
    if (operation === 'getList') {
        var newResponse = response.body;
        newResponse.paging = response.paging;
        newResponse.error = response.error;
        return newResponse;
    return response;

Edit: It seems Restangular's API is now changed, for the better, and that the current method to use is addResponseInterceptor. Some adjustments might be needed to the function passed.

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    New usage now looks like: RestangularProvider.addResponseInterceptor(function (data, operation, what, url, response, deferred) { – Collin Allen Apr 2 '14 at 18:00
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    If you want to avoid changing the Restangular config for all your API calls you can create and use a custom config instead, as described in the docs – Ed B Aug 12 '15 at 1:49

I think you should use a the customGET from the Custom Methods

Restangular.all("url").customGET(""); // GET /url and handle the response as an Object

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    This is a great solution if only one of your API calls returns an object. Saves you from having to change Restangular's config globally, and also from creating a custom config (in a factory) for an isolated use case. – Ed B Aug 12 '15 at 1:45
  • This also works if you use solr and get a number of records returned that you need to keep (whereas using an interceptor with getlist you still need to remove it) – Robin Schaaf May 22 '17 at 15:32

as Collin Allen suggested you can use addResponseInterceptor like this:

    app.config(function(RestangularProvider) {

        // add a response intereceptor
        RestangularProvider.addResponseInterceptor(function(data, operation, what, url, response, deferred) {
          var extractedData;
          // .. to look for getList operations
          if (operation === "getList") {
            // .. and handle the data and meta data
            extractedData = data.body;
            extractedData.error = data.error;
            extractedData.paging = data.paging;
          } else {
            extractedData = data.data;
          return extractedData;


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