I've got nbviewer installed and working. I see it has a --localfiles option that takes a folder name. It says: "Serving local notebooks in /home/gb/S14/inclass, this can be a security risk"

But I can't figure out the URL format to get it to look for the file there. The code adds a handler for /localfile/(.*) but that doesn't seem to get triggered.

Anyone know how to format name to give to trigger loading a local file?

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One minute later and it occurs to me that the front page might not support even though the server does. Sure enough, http://localhost:5000/localfile/PythonReference.ipynb?create=1 renders the local notebook.

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  • Suppose that i have a file /home/<name>/foo.ipynb, localhost:5000/localfile/home/<name>/foo.ipynb is not working for me, so what url should I use to view the ipynb file? – arcticfox May 5 '14 at 19:40
  • It only serves files below where it is running, maybe even only in the same directory. So, run nbiewer in your home directory, then ask for localhost:5000/localfile/foo.ipynb?create=1 – GaryBishop May 5 '14 at 23:09
  • This is still not working for me, but I manage to use localhost:5000/url/localhost/home/<name>/foo.ipynb to make it work. Thanks for you answer anyway. – arcticfox May 8 '14 at 3:06

Navigating to http://localhost:5000/localfile will display a directory browser, starting at the path you passed to --localfiles; you can then just click on a .ipynb file.

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  • I can't able to access the file tree, I am using this command. ```` docker run -p 8080:8080 jupyter/nbviewer python3 -m nbviewer --localfiles=home/muneeb/homiwoo/src/applications/machine-learning/oshi_projects/comparison --port=8080 ```` But still getting 404 not found when trying to access it. localhost:8080/localfiles – Muneeb ul Hassan Mar 18 at 12:41

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