I want to try this library in my android project. I am using Android Studio 0.4.6.

The README.markdown file tells me to insert this inside pom.xml:

<!-- in the 'repositories' section -->
  <name>Keytwo.net Repository</name>

<!-- in the 'dependencies' section -->
  <version>0.2.1</version> <!-- the desidered version -->

The problem is that I do not have any pom.xml. I created one in my project root directory and synced gradle settings but it does nothing. Till now I only used already compiled .jar files or used the gradle compile function.

How can I use this library in my project?


Android Studio doesn't use Maven as its builder; it uses Gradle instead. Fortunately, Gradle can use Maven repositories to fetch dependencies, so it's a matter of taking that information that would go into the pom file and using it in Gradle format. These modifications go in the build.gradle file in your module's directory (not the build file in the project root directory).

First, set up the repository where it can find the dependency.

repositories {
    maven { url 'http://audiobox.keytwo.net' }

and then add the dependency itself by adding this line to your dependencies block:

dependencies {
    compile 'io.socket:socket.io-client:0.2.1'

From POM file:

compile '<groupId>:<artifactId>:<version>'
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    @Scott Barta. So what is the main purpose of Maven inside Android Studio then? In what circumstance Maven is a must option? – stuckedoverflow Jan 25 '15 at 13:25
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    @Halim It doesn't use Maven as a builder but Gradle uses some bits and pieces like being able to download dependencies in its POM format, which is what this refers to. – Scott Barta Jan 25 '15 at 23:06
  • Cannot get this to Work. It keeps giving me an build error. Has the solution changed since the beta version? I am using Android Studio version now. – 7heViking Jun 1 '15 at 14:46
  • I wanted to add this library, and it is showing error: Failed to resolve: org.pdfparse:pdfparse:1.0 implementation 'org.pdfparse:pdfparse:1.0' – Abhishek Saxena Sep 7 '19 at 14:25
  • Want to add to this - If you copy a maven dependency and paste it directly into Android Studio, it will automatically convert it for you. Example: ``` <dependency> <groupId>com.google.code.gson</groupId> <artifactId>gson</artifactId> <version>2.8.5</version> </dependency> ``` Turns into: ` implementation 'com.google.code.gson:gson:2.8.5'` – Fernando Mar 19 '20 at 16:01

Syntax: implementation 'groupId:artifactId:version'

If this is what you have to import in your Android Studio Project...

// Maven : Add these dependecies to your pom.xml (java6+)
// <dependency>
//     <groupId>org.glassfish.jersey.core</groupId>
//     <artifactId>jersey-client</artifactId>
//     <version>2.8</version>
// </dependency>
// <dependency>
//     <groupId>org.glassfish.jersey.media</groupId>
//     <artifactId>jersey-media-json-jackson</artifactId>
//     <version>2.8</version>
// </dependency>

then it translates to this...

implementation 'org.glassfish.jersey.core:jersey-client:2.8'
implementation 'org.glassfish.jersey.media:jersey-media-json-jackson:2.8'

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