I have this query running against 2008R2. tblJoin is the table in between two tables(tblIncident and tblPatron) for many-to-many relationship.

While I am building the query in VS2012, in the Query Builder window when I execute the query it runs fine and gives me the desired results. However in the last step when I click on TestQuery and enter the parameter it gives an error:

"Failed to enable constraints.."

I checked the datatype and they all match against each other against the tables,

SELECT tblIncident.Inci_ID, 
    tblIncident ON tblJoin.InciID = tblIncident.Inci_ID AND tblJoin.InciID = tblIncident.Inci_ID
WHERE (tblIncident.Inci_ID = @Inci_ID)
  • what is the full error? can you show me that? Feb 26, 2014 at 4:57

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You need Check all the MaxLength property of the columns in your DataTable.

The column that I changed from "nvarchar(512)" to "nvarchar(MAX)" still had the 512 value on the MaxLength property so I changed to "-1" and it works!!.

You can solve this issue from this discussion

Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key constraints

There have many answers ....


Thanks Ramesh and Vignesh. Vignesh's comment made me think about the duplicate foreign key. So I kept the query but removed the foreign key (Incident ID), that made it worked. This is how my query looks like:

SELECT tblJoin.PatronID, tblJoin.LName, tblJoin.FName, tblJoin.MI FROM tblJoin 
INNER JOIN tblIncident ON tblJoin.InciID = tblIncident.Inci_ID 
WHERE (tblIncident.Inci_ID = @Inci_ID)

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