I am using ubercart for drupal site.In payment methods I have checked

PayPal Express Checkout 
PayPal Website Payments Standard 
Credit card (includes PayPal Website Payments Pro) 

all these options. For sandbox account in paypal I entered test account credentials and its working fine. Now I need to change to Live, but i don't know how to get credentials for live account.

This is the status of paypal developer page enter image description here

how do I get live API credentials such as (API username,API password,Signature)??

Any help will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.


You are looking at REST API Credentials which has Client,Secret Id for REST API calls To just get Classic API Credentials:

-log in to your PayPal Account
-click on Profile->My selling Tools->API access -click on Request API-Credentials
-Option 1 PayPal API,click on Set up PayPal API credentials and permissions
-option 2, click on Request API credentials
-choose Request API signature and click on Agree and Submit
-Your Credentials are displayed to you

--or --

Just click this link and enter your paypal login credentials.

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    dat link. best SO answer to date – Matt Jan 12 '15 at 22:15

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