I'm using the most excellent django-allauth to handle authentication. All is well, but I have an issue with the email translations.

First, allauth is definitely using my template.

  • I ran: django-admin.py makemessages -l ir -i settings.py
  • This created: my_app/locale/ir/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
  • In django.po, I make this change:

    msgid "Confirm E-mail Address"
    msgstr "FARSI Confirm E-mail Address"

  • Then to test, a user signs up on a page where the language is set (), but the email sent is not using what I put in the msgstr above.

I'd like to know have I misunderstood something, is this even how it's supposed to work?

  • If the language is not set explicitly, it will use the default language of the system (in your case, its English). Make sure you read through this section of the documentation which explains how django knows which language to use. You are missing this part. – Burhan Khalid Feb 27 '14 at 12:35
  • Yep, this is nothing to do with allauth, I just needed to read how django determines language. Thanks, – rix Feb 27 '14 at 16:28

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