I have a Task that should run asynchronously but runs synchronously.

I've created a Task:

 var task = Task<int>.Factory.FromAsync(proxy.BeginSaveImage(sp, new AsyncCallback(CompleteSave), state), proxy.EndSaveImage);

 int res =   task.Result;

The Task calls an asynchronous WCF service. The WCF Service function:

 public IAsyncResult BeginSaveImage(statePackage sp, AsyncCallback callback, object state)
        gStatePackage = sp;

        // Create a task to do the work
        var task = Task<int>.Factory.StartNew(this.SaveImage, state);

        return task.ContinueWith(res => callback(task));

I run the task inside a loop.

My problem is that when I run it, it doesn't run in parallel and each call for task.Results waits for the task to be complete before continuing on.

When I put the Task code in a function SaveImageProcedure and call it from within the loop like that:

Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>

It runs asynchronously. I don't want to wrap an async call with another async wrapper. Why the call using task.Result doesn't run asynchronously and how can I change it to run async without wrapping it like I did to run async (or if it runs async, don't wait for results and continue the operation)?

I don't need the task returned value, and don't mind getting it but with the code continue to run for the next iteration in the loop without waiting for the result to continue.


By reading the Result field, you are waiting for the result to be available. Try evaluating the result in a Continue or, use await

I'd expect something that looks like (pseudo code):

var task = Task<int>...
task.ContinueWith(result => {
    if (result != expected) throw new Exception("...");

Essentially, if you are doing one task and you have to get the result, you will be doing this part of the work flow synchronously. Task and async only allow you to do other things while you wait, they don't do any magic.


I recommend you read my async intro and MSDN article on best practices. In particular, use await instead of ContinueWith or Result.

On the server side, there's no point in wrapping the work inside StartNew. It should just execute synchronously if it has only synchronous work to do.

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