I am working with the YouTube Data API v3. Google recommends loading the libs using:

<script src="https://apis.google.com/js/client.js?onload=googleApiClientReady">

It works fine but when I load the script like this into a modal window in Firefox (it's got to be this way. I can't control the way my widget is called by Sitecore) it fails with:

Error: Permission denied for https://accounts.google.com to call method ModalContentWindow.postMessage

It comes from within internal callbacks that Google's client.js calls when loaded even if I omit the ?onload part.

Works fine loaded into a standalone tab. IE and Chrome do fine either way.

Is there a good way to make it work in FF modal window? (I am running 27.0.1 if it matters)

UPDATE: I worked around it by calling YouTube Data API HTTP endpoints directly. I am still wondering though what's up with that postMessage() thingy in FF's modal window and whether it's known to the authors of Google's client.js.


The main problem is that Firefox has policy for capability.policy.default.Window.postMessage.get but it doesn't have policy capability.policy.default.ModalContentWindow.postMessage.get. There is two way to solve this issue.

  • add pref for Firefox pref("capability.policy.default.ModalContentWindow.postMessage.get", "allAccess");
  • instead of loading the script into a modal window directly put it inside iframe. iframe would have class Window.
BTW I faced this issue in FF28. In FF31 everything works fine.

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