I'm developing IM application which uses XMPP protocol. My question I think is quite easy:

How often I should ping the server?

What is a good pattern to ping the server, to prevent losing connection and not doing this too often, to do not kill the battery?

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It depends. You have to make a tradeoff between battery life and dead connection detection/connection timeout avoidance. There will probably be no default value that fits every user. For example some mobile carrier (i.e. I've got reports from france ones) seem to have a ridiculous low TCP timeouts of < 2 minutes, which means your ping interval would have to been lower as 2 minutes. But activating your mobile radio every 2 minutes is fatal with regard to battery life.

I recommend having the client check every 30 minutes if there has been no Stanza/Nonza received within the 30 minutes and, if not, sending a ping. Smack's ServerPingWithAlarmManager does exactly that on Android.

On Server side, you should do similar, but ideally using a bit longer time span, e.g. 35 or 40 minutes, in order to let the client ping "win" most of the time.

I assume that this is the best trade-off. But this value is just a best guess that has not been calculated by extensive experiments and the evaluation of such. You may want to make it a user setting and/or provide some sort of more or less heuristic to determine the best value.


I believe Pidgin pings about half a minute. That should be a good enough time interval. Although I would go for maybe 45 seconds to a minute.

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    That is way to often for a mobile device.
    – Flow
    Mar 1, 2014 at 17:42
  • Do you want to drain the users battery totally?? damn
    – Paul Okeke
    Jul 20, 2015 at 4:28

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