I need to do logging in a C++ application. After googling for a while, I decided to use log4cpp.

  1. is that a safe option to go with, or is there something better out there?
  2. How do I get started with installation and importing it to my application using Windows XP, Visual Studio 2005?



I've used Log4cpp in the past and it does the job, though bear in mind the project has been inactive since 2007. There are also the following alternatives:

As for getting started, does the documentation not cover this?


The framework I'm using, wxWidgets, comes with logging features. The logging is easy and comes in different flavors (such as debug only and logging by priorities). wxWidgets comes with installation instructions, search on 'MSW'.

Which ever system you choose, you may want to standardize you log output. Creating an output format that can be imported into a database or spreadsheet can be very helpful.

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