I replaced my custom inbox messaging system with the mailboxer gem. I have a issue with the Q&A feature on the app. The Question is not being sent to the users inbox so it can be answered. The question shows in the notifications table, however the conversation_id is NULL. With no conversation_id being generated the Question will never be delivered to the recipients inbox.

Can someone take a look at my code and see what went wrong?

Questions Controller:

  def index
    @questions = Question.all

def show
  @question = Question.find(params[:id])
  @questions = Question.order("created_at DESC")

def new
  @question = Question.new

def create
  @question = Question.new(params[:question])
  if @question.save
    #Original code @message = Message.create
    @message = current_user.messages.new(:subject => "You have a question from #{@question.sender_id}",
                           #Original code :sender_id
                           :notification_id => @question.sender_id,
                           #Original code :recipient_id
                           :receiver_id => @question.recipient_id,
                           :body => @question.question)

    @question.message = @message
    redirect_to questions_path, notice: 'Your question was saved successfully. Thanks!'
    render :new, alert: 'Sorry. There was a problem saving your question.'

  def update
    @question = Question.find(params[:id])
    @question.update_attributes(:answer => params[:question][:answer])
    redirect_to user_messages_path(current_user, :mailbox => "inbox")

Messages Controller:

 def index
      redirect_to conversations_path(:box => @box)

  # GET /message/new
  def new
    @message = current_user.messages.new

   # POST /message/create
  def create
    @recipient = User.find(params[:user])
    current_user.send_message(@recipient, params[:body], params[:subject])
    flash[:notice] = "Message has been sent!"
    redirect_to :conversations

Message form:

 <%= @user %>
 <%= form_tag({controller: "messages", action: "create"}, method: :post) do %>
  <%= label_tag :subject %>
  <%= text_field_tag :subject %>
  <%= label :body, "Message text" %>
  <%= text_area_tag :body %>
  <%= text_field_tag(:user, "#{:user_id}") %>
  <%= submit_tag 'Send message', class: "btn btn-primary" %>
 <% end %>

Questions form:

<h1>New Question</h1>
<%= form_for @question do |f| %>
<%= @question.errors.full_messages.each do |msg| %>
<li><%= msg %></li>
<% end %>
        <li><%= f.text_field :question, {:placeholder => 'Please add your question...'} %></li>
    <%= f.hidden_field :sender_id, :value => current_user.id %>
        <li><%= f.hidden_field :recipient_id, :value => params[:user_id] %></li>
        <li><%= f.submit %></li>
        <% end %>
        <%= link_to "Back", questions_path, :class => "button" %>
  • If you look in your log file you should see exactly what is being passed through to the controller in params. You can then step through the controller code and see where the problem occurs. It might be obvious as soon as you see params. If there is a problem with what is in params, then the form that's submitting to the controller is at fault. – Max Williams Feb 28 '14 at 16:31
  • Btw you get the stringify_keys method when you pass a string, instead of a hash, to update_attributes. So it sounds like params[:question] is a string, rather than a hash. – Max Williams Feb 28 '14 at 16:33
  • In your Questions controller Create action try changing @question = Question.new(params[:question]) to @question = Question.create(params[:question]). New only creates the local object but does not attempt to validate or save it to the database. You already created the local object in your New action. – winston Mar 1 '14 at 0:45
  • I think you should change the workflow a little. Try changing what I mentioned above so that you can create the Question and save it to the database. Once the Question is saved, I think your Questions Controller should be able to take that saved object and attach it to your body parameter when you create the message. – winston Mar 1 '14 at 0:47
  • @james The question was being saved to the database with the original create action @question = Question.new(params[:question]). The issue was no conversation_id is being created. Without a conversation_id the Question will never be sent to the Users inbox. I believe the problem is stemming from the form itself, not the controller. – Cornelius Wilson Mar 1 '14 at 20:35

Doesn't look like you set conversation_id anywhere? Try passing it as part of the options hash to current_user.messages.new(…)


I think this is your problem:

<li><%= text_field_tag :question, {:placeholder => 'Please add your question...'} %></li>

this will set params[:question] to be a string. Your controller action is expecting it to be a hash. Maybe it should be

text_field_tag "question[text]" ...

or whatever the field that holds the text of the question is.

  • Produces the same error with the removal of placeholder. I switched the view to using form_for instead and I can have the question submit to the database inside the Conversations table with no errors. The only problem is doesn't produce a conversation_id (stays NULL) which means the Question will never be sent to the recipients inbox. I added the new view to the bottom of original post. – Cornelius Wilson Feb 28 '14 at 16:58

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