I occasionally work with code that has hard tabs instead of spaces. Is there any repl command to instruct the interpreter to process the tabs as normal whitespace at least temporarily - along the lines of :paste ?

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Indeed :paste sounds like a good option but if you really want to override keybindings you can provide your own settings file like this:

scala -Djline.keybindings=myfile

The format of the file that I looked up from default scala jar is like this:

from file scala/tools/jline/keybindings.properties in jline.jar:

# Keybinding mapping for JLine. The format is:
#    [key code]=[logical operation]

# CTRL-A: move to the beginning of the line

# CTRL-B: move to the previous character

# CTRL-D: close out the input stream

# CTRL-E: move the cursor to the end of the line

# CTRL-F: move to the next character

# CTRL-G: abort

# BACKSPACE, CTRL-H: delete the previous character
# 8 is the ASCII code for backspace and therefor
# deleting the previous character

# TAB, CTRL-I: signal that console completion should be attempted

Replace the command matching option 9 with empty string.


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    thanks for that nice sleuthing – javadba Feb 28 '14 at 19:26

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