Inside src/ I have the following packages:com.app.animals, com.app.animals.threads, com.app.animals.games

When I try to get my proyect resources (drawable folder) from a class called "CarreraJuego.java" inside com.app.animals.games, it says that 'R cannot be resolved to a variable'

How can I access resources folder from that package?The class is a surfaceview

  • Are you sure you have imported the R class? – Mark Buikema Feb 28 '14 at 15:01

Here is a simple and quick way to achieve it:

    PackageManager manager = getPackageManager();
    Resources resources = manager.getResourcesForApplication("com.example.packagename");
    int resId = resources.getIdentifier("drawable_id", "drawable", "com.example.packagename");

    Drawable myDrawable = resources.getDrawable(resId);

    // Do something
catch (Exception e)

Change com.example.packagename width the package name of the app you need the resources. Change drawable_id with the resource Id. Change drawable to the folder name you want (drawable, layout, values, ...)


All you need to do is import the R.java file inside the classes of packages outside of the main package (the one with the generated R file)

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