I need to perform a quadruple integration using integral2 function in matlab. The code is below:

Rb = @(rho_1,phi_1) rho_1.*cos(phi_1);
Sb = @(rho_2,phi_2) rho_2.*cos(phi_2);
Tb = @(rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2) rho_1.*cos(phi_1)-rho_2.*cos(phi_2);
InnerIntegrand = @(rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2) Rb(rho_1,phi_1).*Sb(rho_2,phi_2).*Tb(rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2);
InnerIntegral = @(rho_1,phi_1) integral2(@(rho_2,phi_2) InnerIntegrand(rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2),0,3,0,2*pi);
II = integral2(InnerIntegral,0,3,0,2*pi);

Where InnerIntegrand (rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2) is the integrand. The InnerIntegral evaluates over rho_2 and phi_2, which is being called from an outer integral2 (integration over rho_1 and phi_1).

I get an error:

Error using  .* 
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in @(rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2)Rb(rho_1,phi_1).*Sb(rho_2,phi_2).*Tb(rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2)

Error in @(rho_2,phi_2)InnerIntegrand(rho_1,phi_1,rho_2,phi_2)

Error in integral2Calc>integral2t/tensor (line 238)
        Z1 = FUN(X(VTSTIDX),Y(VTSTIDX)); NFE = NFE + 1;

Is the error coming due to different array sizes of two integral2 calls? What is the issue?


See my answer to this similar question. In your case, you can use


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