I'm trying to change category title in joomla category list (list of all articles in a certain category) but I simply can't find the right file to override.

Files are supposed to be in components\com_content\views\category\tmpl and there's default.php that renders wrapper with a class of .category-list and default_articles which is rendering table with list of article names in a selected category.

What I can't find is file which renders category title and description. Here's the content of default.php as it might be the key. I don't quite understand what files it's calling since I haven't been in joomla development for ages.

<div class="category-list<?php echo $this->pageclass_sfx;?>">

$this->subtemplatename = 'articles';
echo JLayoutHelper::render('joomla.content.category_default', $this);


This would be simple schematic of final render:

<div class="category-list">
[part I can't find]
<h2>Category title</h2>
<div class="category-desc">...</div>
[/part I can't find]
default_articles.php >> renders table with all articles in category

I have managed to override all other views without any problems but this one is very elusive.

Thanks for any help!

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    Look in the layouts/content folder. – Elin Mar 1 '14 at 19:42

The file is located here:


To override it place a copy here:


You can read more about Joomla layouts here:
Sharing layouts across views or extensions with JLayout

  • I nearly cried from happiness after this worked. Thank you sir. – Moe Jul 13 '14 at 13:55
  • thank you!, why isn't this file in component i dont understand the joomla creator so confusing, they should list where the file is in the admin – artSir Apr 20 '16 at 18:23

Have a look at layout overrides in joomla


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