I'm looking for a free hosting to deploy my work-in-progress project. Since it's not in production stage, I'm looking for a free hosting. I've found that heroku offers free plan if using a "single dyno" (heroku gives 750hrs, each month has at most 31*24=744 hours in total). The problem I've found is that regardless of traffic, single dynos go to sleep and, as far as I understood that, you can't change it if using a single dyno only. You need at least 2 dynos, which is paid. And pricing is regardless on traffic.

So is there any free plan to use heroku to deploy a stable app (stable = that is just available)? I don't need scaling.

  • Hosting recommendations are off topic here, see the help center. – Clive Mar 2 '14 at 12:29

Two resources on how you can use the free New Relic add-on from Heroku (and New Relic, of course) to keep your single-dyno application active:

SO Answer

Coderwall Blog Post on Same Topic

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