I have following contents in Html Document

 <opf:metadata xmlns:dc="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/" xmlns:opf="http://www.idpf.org/2007/opf">
    <dc:title>Book Title</dc:title>
    <meta name="cover" content="My_Cover" xmlns="" />
    <dc:identifier id="BookId" opf:scheme="ISBN">123456789</dc:identifier>
    <dc:creator>Author Name</dc:creator>

I have to change the value of <dc:date> attribute's value to current date. I am using HtmlAgilityPack and the code as below

var html1 = new HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument();

             var links1 = html1.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("opf:metadata");

             foreach (var link in links1)

                 link.Attributes["dc:date"].Value = DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");

             var builder1 = new StringBuilder();
             using (var writer = new StringWriter(builder))
             OPFFile = builder1.ToString();
             File.WriteAllText(@"D:\FindImageInFile\FindImageInFile\OPF.html", OPFFile);

But when i tried to convert i am getting this error Namespace Manager or XsltContext needed. This query has a prefix, variable, or user-defined function. How to change its value ?


It seems that HtmlAgilityPack doesn't support XPath containing prefix.

If your html document is well-formed (valid xml), you can use XDocument or XmlDocument, both support namespace/prefix.

For example, to get <cd:date> element from sample xml above using XDocument :

var xdoc = XDocument.Parse(OPFFile);
//or if OPFFile is file path use : XDocument.Load(OPFFile);
XNamespace dc = "http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/";
var date = (string)xdoc.Root.Element(dc + "date");
  • i am not using LINQ. i am just working on simple windows application. – user Mar 3 '14 at 7:01
  • yes, that's a good reason not to use 3rd party library (if possible). Anyway, I don't find a way to use prefix with HAP so far. – har07 Mar 3 '14 at 7:09

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