In Matplotlib, I would like to draw a thick plus sign (or a cross), but the one provided in the marker set is too thin.

Even as I increase its size, it doesn't get any thicker.

For example: enter image description here The lines of code drawing the red plus sign are:

# Draw median marker.
if plot_opts.get('bean_show_median', True):
    ax.plot(pos, np.median(pos_data),
            marker=plot_opts.get('bean_median_marker', '+'),
            color=plot_opts.get('bean_median_color', 'r'))

If I add an extra parameter markersize=20, the marker will only stretch. It will be as thin as before. Can I make it thick?


You can use markeredgewidth (or mew). You'll want to combine it with markersize, otherwise you get thick but tiny markers.

For example:

plt.plot([2,4,6,1,3,5], '+', mew=10, ms=20)

enter image description here


Use markeredgewidth in connection with markersize.

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