I am using the Twenty Fourteen Theme. I would like to ask how do I customize twenty fourteen theme?

  1. I would like to change the whole twenty fourteen from black to white. i.e. the header menu, footer and left sidebar I want it to be in white instead of black.

  2. I would also like the search bar to be of a different color.

  3. I also want my homepage to show "Read More" link instead of full posts. Where do I start?

  4. I would like to remove categories from all my pages.

After doing my research online, I see that I need a child theme, which I am very interested to learn. But I am not too sure if I should proceed this way?


Creating a child theme is vital, it keeps your settings even after updating a theme. This is a good template for a twenty fourteen child theme. After creating your child theme, add these codes to your style.css in your child theme folder.

To change background color of left sidebar,

#secondary { 
background: #dcadc5; 

To change footer background color:

background: #00ff42; // change background color

To remove categories from posts:

.tag-links { display: none; }

Reference: Modify Twenty Fourteen Theme WordPress . This should also answer some of your other questions.

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