I am making a camera application. I use a SurfaceView to display my camera preview.

        Matrix m = preview.getMatrix();

What I'm trying to do is to flip the SurfaceView matrix. I tried to use preScale() and postScale(), and I tried to add the last 2 lines to to Surfaceview.callback method like this:

   public void surfaceChanged(SurfaceHolder holder, int format,
                                   int width, int height) {                     
          initPreview(width, height);
Matrix m = preview.getMatrix();

but I get the same error everywhere (along with app crashing):

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Matrix can not be modified

What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to change scale off SurfaceView whatsoever? If not, is there some other way to flip camera preview?

  • If you want to get into OpenGL ES you can do all sorts of things (see e.g. "Show + capture camera" in github.com/google/grafika). That does add a lot of complexity though. – fadden Mar 5 '14 at 16:02

To clarify the answer posted by Madhusudan a few months ago, instead of creating a blank Matrix and then setting it equal to your previews Matrix, you have to do a deep copy of the Matrix using set().

It would look something like this:

Matrix m = new Matrix(preview.getMatrix());
canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, m, NULL);

Or something like this:

Matrix m = new Matrix();
canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, m, NULL);

Well, my own solution was to use TextureView instead and setting the matrix via setTransform(matrix).

If anyone has other suggestions, you're welcome to post them.

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