I'm working on a website that archives a number of videos and handouts as freely-viewable resources. We're moving toward the (much hated and annoying) habit of asking users for additional information before granting access to these resources, which I'm planning to base around the presence of a cookie. My problem is the following:

I'd like to present the user with a modal based on the presence of a cookie when they click to navigate to a resource's 'show' view. If the user has not already given us additional contact information, the absence of a cookie will serve up a modal containing a form that will post entered contact data to a third-party marketing vendor. Among the information gathered, we'd like to know what particular resource they were trying to access for context. I'm guessing this can be passed as a parameter. On form submission, I'd like to serve them a cookie that will prevent any additional modals from being presented. The successful submission should also redirect them to their desired resource without requiring them to click the link again.

We use Foundation 5 in particular, so the Reveal Modal in particular is what we use. Is this simply a matter of using a 'before_filter' on the 'show' for the resource's controller?

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