I decided to do a GPS car tracker for my college project and I need a bit of guidance on the actual framework for it. My main plan is to use either an arduino (or raspberry pi) with a GPS and 3G module attached which would would alert the accompanying android app if the module was moved out of a certain location(if car is taken without permission etc).The app could also be used to request the location at will from the module. My question is Is this possible for me to achieve and would I be better using an arduino or raspberry pi,would I have more freedom with the pi as maybe I could run a service on it?? It would be great to get some opinions from anyone Thanks

  • raspberrypi.org Try searching here and SE also has a raspberry pi fourm. Check the links in the footer down below. Click "more" in the second column – les Mar 5 '14 at 21:16
  • Thanks for the reply I will do that now – bIG_aL Mar 5 '14 at 21:17

Yes, it is very possible and has already been done. It is also possible to use the two together to achieve this, but if you had to choose one, I would choose the RPi. This is because it can do more of what your are attempting straight out of the box with its full linux capabilities (wireless, etc). This can come ready to go if you get a preloaded SD card. Search for a NOOBS SD card on amazon.

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