How can I do an incremental search (similar to Sublime Text's Cmd-F or Cmd-I) in GitHub's Atom Editor?


find-and-replace is one of the core Atom packages. You can enable incremental search by updating the settings for this package. Check the option "Scroll To Result On Live-Search" and optionally change the Live Search Minimum Characters (defaults to 3).


There's an incremental search package available now: https://atom.io/packages/incremental-search

It seems to be modeled after incremental search in Emacs.

  • Why do you think that? The ownership of the package has been transferred to github.com/gangstead in May 2015. There's a note "Update I (@gangstead) have taken ownership of the package. Bear with me as it gets updated and republished" on the Atom package page. The new GitHub repo for this project is github.com/gangstead/atom-incremental-search, the last commit was on June 18th, 2015. – nwinkler Jul 1 '15 at 8:36

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