I was wondering how to setError for a RadioGroup[gender] with RadioButton's [gender_b,gender_c] if it is null.

This is how i'm getting the RadioButton values though:

private boolean genradiocheck() {

    boolean gender_flag = false;
    if (gender.getCheckedRadioButtonId() == -1) {

    } else {
        gender_b = (RadioButton) findViewById(gender
        System.out.println("*********************" + gender_b.getText());
        gender_flag = true;

    return gender_flag;

Now my question is, how do i put it into a string and check for null values?

This is for a Registration form validation. Thank you.


setError() method is not available for RadioGroup but you can apply it for RadioButton.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make RadioButton object and initialise it with last item of RadioGroup.

    RadioButton lastRadioBtn = (RadioButton) view.findViewById(R.id.lastRadioBtn);
  2. Code below check if RadioGroup had been checked and also sets error if not.

    if(group.getCheckedRadioButtonId()<=0){//Grp is your radio group object
        lastRadioBtn.setError("Select Item");//Set error to last Radio button          


If you wish to clear Error:


Hope this will help.

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    @dgngulcan if you need to clear setError on RadioButton use radioBtn.setError(null), this will remove error – Crawler Apr 21 '16 at 5:57
  • error mesage not dislpay , can you help me? i just see red error but can not see message – Qumru Mar 28 at 15:41

RadioGroup doesn't support setError() method. But we can use setError() on RadioButton.

Get the position of last RadioButton in RadioGroup

int lastChildPos=radioGroup.getChildCount()-1;

then setError() on radioButton()

((RadioButton)radioGroup.getChildAt(lastChildPos)).setError("Your error");

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