Difference between color models and color space

how RGB565 is different from RGB888 any suggested link

YUV vs RGB vs YCbCr.?


RGB is an additive color model where red, green, and blue intensities are added together in different combinations to produce a exhaustive set of colors.

RGB888 --> R is an 8 bit value varies from 0 to 255. Same for G and B. RGB565 --> Here R is of 5 most significant bits from R (8 bits) of RGB888. Here G is of 6 most significant bits from G (8 bits) of RGB888. Here B is of 5 most significant bits from B (8 bits) of RGB888.

If you see the mathematical calculations of converting from RGB888 to RGB565, it looks as below:

short int rgb565_pixel; rgb565_pixel = ((R >> 3) << 11) | ((G >> 2) << 5) | (B >> 3);

It is the conversion of 24 bits per pixel to 16 bits per pixel.

Coming to YUV: YUV is the color format where you can have a complete separation of brightness and color components from RGB format.

Y represents Brightness components where as Cb and Cr represents Color components.

Planar: In memory, Y followed by Cb and followed by Cr


Semi Planar: In memory, Y followed by interleaved data of Cb and Cr, looks as below:


Interleaved: In case of YUV422 interleaved data, it looks as below:

Y1U1Y2V1 Y3U2Y4V2 ... ...

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