I would like to generate thumbnails for my website. Now I am using the following to process folder (based on this answer):

mogrify -interlace Plane -thumbnail 280x210^ 
-gravity center -extent 280x210 -quality 85% *.jpg

This will create thumbnails with given size (resize and crop).

I also have single image version of this command:

convert test.jpg -interlace Plane -thumbnail 280x210^ 
 -gravity center -extent 280x210 -quality 85%  testout.jpg 

I'm also using facedetect to get positions of faces from the original image (before creating thumbnails). For photos with faces I have calculated average X, Y position of faces center.

Now, I would like to use this position in the command above to crop pictures smarter. Currently image is cropped from both sides (-gravity center), but I would like to use my coordinates so faces are displayed when image is cropped.

Is there a way how I can feed this into imagemagick?


You could use -shave to remove part of the image, so that the face moves to the center, then apply your original command.

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