I need to rename one of my packages in Eclipse but I have some problems. I've tried to rename it with classic way right_click_on_package->refactor->rename without success. Then I tried to to make a new package with desired name and have done this: select_classses->right_click->move->choose_created package. That was also unsuccessful.

Both times I received the following error:

enter image description here

What do you suggest I can do? Thanks!

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    What Text file encoding are you using for the source files (look at the Resource tab of the Properties)? – greg-449 Mar 6 '14 at 14:41
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    @greg-449. Thank you. Yes, it was a problem with encoding. I went to Eclipse->Preferences->General->Workspace and changed Text file encoding from Default (US-ASCII) to Other: UTF-8. Now everything works! – user3339562 Mar 6 '14 at 17:32

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