I want to exclude some fields from result. I have code:

users = db.select('users');

users.find( {}, { sort: { points:1 }, privateKey:0, publicKey:0}, function(err,data){      

I want to exclude private and public key from results. Can I do that using monk?


You can also do it like this:

users.find( {}, { sort: { points:1 }, fields : { privateKey:0, publicKey:0} },
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    Works perfectly, thank you very much! – calmbird Mar 6 '14 at 18:07

According to documentation first argument in find is filter and second is projection .But you have used sort . It will not able to interpret . You are trying to confuse projection with sort .Sorting should be after find and projection.

You can write projection like { field1: <boolean>, field2: <boolean> ... }

Note : The find() method always includes the _id field even if the field is not explicitly stated to return in the projection parameter.

 users.find({}, { privateKey: 0, publicKey: 0 }).sort({points: 1}).toArray(
           function (err, data) {
  • Many thanx for answer :) It's great. :) – calmbird Mar 6 '14 at 18:08
  • this is incorrect, you need to insert the parent/top property "fields" .. like this: { fields: { privateKey: 0 } } to declare that it is a projection. or simply use a string only for the second argument. check the examples in the docs: automattic.github.io/monk/docs/collection/find.html – bobmoff Sep 2 at 9:39

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