On my machine I have Firefox 21.0 and Firefox 27.0.1 installed. How can I force Selenium webdriver to run test using a given version of Firefox browser?


Specify path to firefox binary using FirefoxBinary:

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.firefox.firefox_binary import FirefoxBinary

browser = webdriver.Firefox(firefox_binary=FirefoxBinary('path goes here'))

Hope that helps.

  • Thank you for an answer! I will check and let know. – donatelo Mar 8 '14 at 6:06
  • And second question: is it possible to force FF 27 to bevahe like different version of FF (26 or 25)? – donatelo Mar 8 '14 at 6:23
  • I tried, but unfortunately I'm getting error 'FirefoxBinary' object has no attribute 'native_events_enabled' – donatelo Mar 10 '14 at 7:50
  • I put incorrect erros message in previous comment. I'm getting Access is denied. Should I set something more to be able to start particular version of Firefox? – donatelo Mar 10 '14 at 7:57
  • Update: problem (Access is denied) resolved, I put incorrect path (typo). – donatelo Mar 10 '14 at 8:03

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