I want to remove my app, which is currently marked "Ready for sale", from the App Store. I could not find any documentation on this, and there is no "Remove from Sale" option in the "Manage Your Apps" section of iTunes Connect. Can anyone guide me on how I can remove my app from the App Store?

I have found one solution here but I'm not able to do it that link here they mentioned some steps like i have given below.

     Go to “Manage Your Applications” and select the app.
     Click “Rights and Pricing” (blue button at the top right.
     Below the availability date and price tier section, you should see a grid of checkboxes for the various countries your app is available in. Click the blue “Deselect All” button.
     Click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

But the problem is not not able find the grid checkboxes for the countries. Its showing like this.

enter image description here

So please tell me how to remove the app from the app store .



Click where it says "specific territories" in blue and you'll see the grid.

From there tap the 'deselect all' option and your app will be removed from sale

  • thanks it worked ..... – user3349668 Mar 8 '14 at 7:38

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